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About Us

Delta Elementary Charter School


Delta Elementary Charter School
36230 North School Street
PO Box 127
Clarksburg, CA 95612
Phone: 916-744-1200
Fax: 916-744-1246


We encourage parents and members of the community to contact us and visit our school. If you’re planning a visit, please check in with our front office upon arrival. In the interest of student safety and security, we must know if you are planning to be on school property during school hours. Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Our Mission

The mission of River Charter Schools, a leading center of educational innovation, is to grow leaders and scholars, ignite a love of learning and equip each student with the knowledge, skills, character, and social-emotional well-being to thrive and contribute to an evolving and increasingly-connected world, through schools which;

*Promote belonging for all members of our collaborative school communities

*Transform teaching, learning, and operations in our continuing pursuit of excellence

*Are filled with teams of talented, well trained, adequately supported and caring staff

*Are connected with communities of volunteers, parents and business people to empower students and teachers through partnerships and positive relationships

*Rely upon responsible fiscal planning.

Emergency Info

In the event of a major disaster (fire, earthquake, flood) during school hours, children will be kept at school. They will be released only to previously authorized individuals. The exception would be in the event of a serious injury, when we would send the child for emergency medical care.

It is absolutely imperative that the Emergency Card at school be kept current and accurate. This is the primary document used to locate you or the people you’ve designated to pick up your child. Your child will NOT be released to anyone who is not on this emergency card.

Telephone systems quickly become overloaded in an emergency, so please do not try to phone the school. Instead, come to school or send a person from your emergency card to pick up your child. Check your local radio and television stations for information during local disasters and emergencies. Mark your local radio station on your radio’s dial. Your child should be made familiar with these stations and their roles in local emergencies.

What you can do to be prepared…

Go to for more information on how you and your family can prepare for any eventuality!