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Homeless Youth

Human Trafficking

Mental Health

Suicide Prevention Policy

Title IX

SELPA Certification 5

Cyber Bullying & Social Media

Arts & Music Proposition 28 Reports

DECS 2023-2024 Annual Update

DECS 2024 LCAP Plan

DECS 2024 LCAP Budget Overview for Parents

2024-2025 EPA Budget

DECS Local Control Accountability (LCAP) 1/2024 (Mid-Year Update)

DECS Local Control Accountability (LCAP) 6/2023

DECS School Accountability Report Card (SARC) 1/2024

River Charter Schools Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP) 6/2022

River Charter Schools Universal Pre-K (UPK) 6/2022

DECS Safe Return to In Person Instruction (IPI) Last Approved 6/2023

DECS Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant (ELOG) 5/2021

DECS ESSER III Expenditure Plan 10/2021